Our Group Director

Protrait 471x640Mr Lawrence Lim founded Blossom Edugroup in 2002 which now has under its subsidiaries, 6 childcare centres, a consultancy arm and a technology arm.

Through discerning adaptation of research in contemporary educational practices and strategic adoption of technological advancements, he has successfully injected up-to-date teaching and learning approaches into the centres’ curriculum to ensure children in Blossom benefit from the latest development and research in education.

One of our key innovations is Blossom’s proprietary online e-profiling portal that provides a comprehensive feedback on children’s development through the use of rubrics assessments, e-portfolio and comparative benchmarking.

As a MOE Teaching Scholarship holder, Mr Lim obtained his Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore in 1992. After completing his teacher training at the National Institute of Education in 1994, he began his teaching career as a Mathematics and Physics teacher in Fuchun Secondary School. He was appointed the Head of Department in 1995 to lead the team of Mathematics teachers to design and implement a comprehensive Mathematics programme for the school. During this tenure, he also completed the Further Professional Diploma in Education programme, a departmental management and leadership course at the National Institute of Education.

In 2001, he was posted to the Ministry of Education as Head, Sciences of the Sciences Branch under the Curriculum Planning and Development Division. In this position, he managed the development of the syllabuses and teaching materials across primary, secondary and pre-university levels. Under his purview were subjects in Mathematics, Technical Education, Computer Education, Home Economics and Commerce.

While working in the Ministry of Education, Mr Lim continued his association with the National Institute of Education as a part-time post-graduate student and was subsequently conferred the degree of Master of Education in February 2004.

Leveraging on his leadership skills as a branch head and department head, and experience as a curriculum planner and developer, Mr Lim hopes to establish Blossom as the leading institution known for its quality childcare service and comprehensive pre-school curriculum in Singapore.