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Blossom Logo

Each of the three flowers embodies a key developmental factor of Blossom’s children, the core purpose of our existence that is represented by the three orange centres of the flowers.

The flower located at the top of our logo signifies Blossom’s Philosophy. Each of the five petals represents the five keys areas of our core mission – develop emotional health, acquire social expertise, build moral strength, increase physical prowess and attain cognitive competence for the children.

The flower located on the left side of our logo signifies Blossom’s Goals. Again, central to our goals is our children and each of the petals represents the five main outcomes that we seek to achieve with our children: independent, creative, compassionate, self-disciplined and life-long learner.

The flower located on the right side of the logo recognises the five key stakeholders who play critical roles in our children’s development: parents, guardians, teaching staff, support staff and our educational partners.

The light green solid pentagon represents the home, the natural environment that a child grows from while the dark green pentagon outline represents Blossom, the learning environment where the child receives formal education and professional care. The close interaction of these two environments, represented by the overlapping pentagons, provides the scaffolds for our children and the fertile grounds for our children to blossom.