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A Joyous Chinese New Year Celebration @ Blossom Aspiration

Posted on 12 February 2012 | Activities, Blossom Aspiration, Celebrations, Centre News
"Go away, Nian. Go away, Nian."

"Go away, Nian. Go away, Nian!" chanted the children loudly.

“Bi li ba La! Bi li ba la!” fire crackers  went off at Blossom Aspiration Centre as our teachers told the story of “Nian”. Not many people know the purpose of lighting fire crackers during Chinese New Year, in this story, the children were introduced to the traditions and customs of Chinese New Year.

Following up from the story, our kids enthusiastically made loud noises by hitting hard metallic spoons, plates and pans to scare the “Nian” away.  “Go away, Nian. Go away, Nian,” the children chanted. The story of Chinese New Year is further brought to live in the classroom when the Chinese teacher threatens the kids with a jolly “Nian” puppet.

Wow! Lots of blessing in my red packet.

Yipee! Lots of love and blessings in my red packet.

Our children also learnt not to take their 红包 (red packets) for granted. Instead, they learnt to count their blessings as these red packets are filled with lots of blessings from loved ones.  The teachers and children also practised a popular custom of exchanging mandarin oranges for red packets. The children had a go at politely and sincerely, offering mandarin oranges and greeted “新年快乐” (Happy Chinese New Year) in exchange for a red packet from their teachers.

Can I eat my dumpling now?

Such fun it is to roll and pinch to make traditional dumplings!

“This is the way I roll my pin, roll my pin, roll my pin. This is the way I roll my pin, for the yummy, yummy dumpling.” The last activity had the children proudly singing as they rolled and pinced their very own dumplings! These mouthwatering dumplings may not be in the accurate traditional shapes but these lovely masterpieces are the proud creations of each child.

What a splendid hands-on activity to allow the children to exercise their 4 senses of taste, sight, touch and smell. Good job, kids!