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Blossom Discovery and Blossom Educare Graduation Concert 2011

The adorable and bubbly N1s filling in the extra time entertaining the audience!

The adorable and bubbly N1s brought much smiles and laughter to the audience!


The amazing children showing off their cool and bold Wushu styles!

It was a memorable graduation concert for our Kindergarten 2 graduates last year as Blossom Edugroup celebrated its 10th annual concert since its start up in December 2002.  This event marked another milestone for Blossom Edugroup.

This year’s annual concert  ‘Little Champions’ was another successful collaboration between Blossom Discovery Centre and Blossom Educare Centre. First up, parents were treated to an entertaining and heart warming concert put up by the Nursery and Kindergarten children of  both centres  at the DBS Auditorium on 3 December 2011.

The event officially started with the graduating classes from both the centres taking centre stage with a warm up exercise to adrenaline pumping aerobics workout and finally, a Chinese martial art, Tai  Chi performance by the children of the Kindergarten 1 from Blossom Educare. The most entertaining part of this year’s concert were both the Kung Fu Dance and Sports Fashion Parade performances showcased by our Nursery 1 children. It was a delightful moment watching them perform on stage with great confidence, sheer enthusiasm and great showmanship.

The Kindergarten 2 children of Blossom Discovery appeared on stage ready to showcase their upbeat moves with loud applause and cheers from their proud parents. The poem recital about soccer  entitled, ‘Soccer Playoffs’ was an admirable attempt at poetry retical coupled with expressive body movements.


The K2s doing the Waka Waka dance steps whilst singing aloud "...waka waka eh eh..."

"Shout it out loud, make us all proud", that's the exit of our grand finale song.

"Shout it out loud, make us all proud", that's the exit of our grand finale song.

The K2s performed a final ‘Waka Waka’ dance with great energy, zest and enthusiasm! The concert ended with a bang with an awesome Wushu-martial arts performance by the Kindergarten 2 children  of Blossom Educare. It was a marvellous performance, instilling great inspiration to any of our young children wishing to take it up as a sport to showcase their superb poise, strength and agile bodies.

This concert was truly a proud moment for all parents and teachers alike! The wonderful  grand finale  culminated in a catchy action song titled, ‘ You Are The One, Singapore’. The children and teachers put in alot of effort to make this even a success and were rewarded with positive feedback from the parents. Thank you parents for your presence and valuable feedback.  We will see you again next year!