Children’s Day Out With Creepy Crawlies

It is amazing that we now live in an era where people recognise and understand the nature of children and their influence towards shaping the community in which they live. Before, children are often invisible. Today, children are not anymore deemed as voiceless nor naive. People now value them as human beings in the here and now.

To commemorate the importance of the children of the world, the United Nations recommended that all countries should establish a Children’s Day. Since 1961, Singapore has been celebrating Children’s Day every October to honour our children who are our nation’s future.

photo 1

The children of Blossom Discovery Centre celebrated Children’s Day at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom at Sentosa on 4 Oct 2012. Surrounded with lush tropical greenery, the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom proved to be a splendid experience as the children witnessed the beauty of nature at its finest. There’s nothing better than hands-on experience to learn something new, and learning about creepy insects is no exception.

photo 2

The children were astounded with their close encounter with fascinating and stunning insects. They got to experience touching these magnificent creatures, which made them scream and shout. However, after learning, observing, and understanding the insects’ habitat and behaviour, their squeamishness eventually turned to wonderment.

photo 3

Children seem to have a natural curiosity to actively explore, ask questions, make connections, and understand their world. The tour was very informative and the children gained a lot of fresh information. This remarkable experience allowed the children to create their own ideas about how the world works. This also taught them to care for the environment and respect all living things, whether big or small.

Blossom Discovery Centre, who is committed to advocating the interests and the welfare of young children of Singapore, salutes the children of today.

Happy Children’s Day!