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Chinese New Year Celebration 2009 At Discovery

Posted on 28 February 2009 | Blossom Discovery, Celebrations

Lion HeadThe children and staff of Blossom Discovery Centre had a fun-filled and exciting Chinese New Year celebration on 23 Jan 2009 (Fri).

During this joyous celebration, all the children and teachers donned traditional Chinese costumes whilst sharing learning about the origins of the New Year, sang along to popular New Year songs and shared different sorts of New Year delicacies.

The highlights of the day were watching the creative moves of the children during our very own Lion Dance performance and the peeling mandarin orange competition by the Kindergarten children.

Traditionally, on the first morning of the Lunar New Year, the children dressed in their new clothes would come forward to greet their elders a few good wishes or simply to say, “Gong Xi Fa Chai” (Happy Lunar New Year) before they are given a red packet each.

This red packet is filled with some money as a symbol of Good Luck and Prosperity. Therefore, we make sure we remember to role-play and practice on our traditional Chinese New Year greetings.

All of us had such a wonderful time and had a good laugh role-playing these scenarios!

二00九年一月二十六日是华人的传统节日 –春节,我们托儿所于一月二十三日举办了新年庆祝会,这一天,小朋友们都穿上了富有华族特色的服装,品尝着新年食物,在一起开心地游戏,唱歌…… 这是小朋友们在玩剥桔子皮的游戏。


Peel Orange 舞龙舞狮是华人庆祝新年的一个传统活动。看小朋友们舞的多么认真,多么逼真! 让孩子们亲身体验,不但能感受节日的气氛,增加对华族文化的了解,还明白大家一起合作的重要性。

Lion Dance 这是孩子们在表演拜年时的情景。让孩子们扮演不同的角色,以了解华人的风俗习惯,学说一些新年祝福语。

瞧!孩子们扮演的爷爷奶奶,笑得多么开心啊!好象在说:“快拜年,我给你红包!”孩子们拿上红包的表情更是让人忍俊不禁,“爷爷奶奶,恭喜发财,红包拿来” 哈…..时间飞快地过去了,在欢笑声中,庆祝会结束了,孩子们开开心心地拿着桔子回家了。

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