Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

Posted on 6 November 2012 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Celebrations, Centre News

120928 Lantern Night CelebrationMid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the fifteen day of the eight lunar month. On this day, the moon is visibly round and for the ancient Chinese, this signifies Reunion.

The first thing that comes into people’s mind is the reunion of family members. Family members may come  from different corners of the country or world to meet at a place to feast and mingle. However, this is merely a form of physical reunion. The true essence of reunion is the unification of the heart. Are our hearts close to one another? Do we love one another? Do we care for one another? Do we understand one another? Do we bear grudges against one another? Is there hatred between family members? How can we remove the invisible wall or gap between family members? These are important questions that each of us should reflect upon when we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

120928 Lantern Night CelebrationActually, before we talk about family reunion, we should first talk about the union of self. Everyone wants to be a better person. Inside our hearts, there is an image of our ideal self. It could be a person who is patient, courageous, caring etc. Unfortunately, the real self in real life may not have these qualities yet. Therefore, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for us to do a self-reflection of what changes we can make in order to be closer to our ideal self? What are the weaknesses that we need to work on? How do we overcome our weaknesses?

The third and highest form of reunion is the unification of an organisation. An organisation exists for a higher goal. In order for an organisation to be effective in its pursuit of its higher goal, the people in the organisation have to be united. This refers to whether everyone can share the same vision of the organisation; whether people can contribute themselves proactively and selflessly; whether people know how to encourage and support each other etc.

We shared this wise teaching from our great ancestors in the hope that everybody will take time to reflect!

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