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One Singapore, One BAC Family!

Posted on 1 September 2013 | Activities, Blossom Aspiration, Celebrations, Centre News

‘This is my country.  This is my flag.  This is my future.  This is my life’.  These are more than just lyrics to a song.  It brings out the ‘Singapore spirit’ in our hearts. This strong spirit lingered within the BAC kids’ hearts on the day before National Day.

Spirit of young citizens

Spirit of young citizens

As the young citizens clad in red and white attire rolled in, they were proud to paste red, square paper on a Singapore flag which was hung up on the door. They had a good look at the Singapore flag and gladly helped to cover the top part of the flag with red paper.  Then, they proceeded to the temporary tattoo booth where they chose their favourite National Day tattoos.  Many of them had a special liking for the tattoo with the Merlion head.  They could recognize the iconic Merlion and were proud to show off the historical icon to their parents.

The celebration began by having the kids pretend they were travelling in a time machine.  The children buckled themselves up, held the steering wheel tight and pressed the ‘START’ button eagerly, closing their eyes tightly to buzz off to Year 2012, Year 2011, Year 2010 and zoom to the time before they were born.  Looking out of the time machine’s window, the children got a glimpse of Singapore in the sixties.  Most of them have not seen a trishaw.  They were fascinated by the fact that it was one of the basic transportation in those days.  Discomfort was shown on their faces when they saw the condition of hawker centres and wet markets before they were born.  They could see the differences in their homeland when they compared it to modern Singapore.  Proud of and delighted with the progress Singapore has made, the children sang the 2013 National Day theme song ‘One Singapore’ with great pride and patriotism.

Oh, this is tricky. The iconic look similar on the postcard.

Oh, this is tricky. The attractions look similar on the post cards.

The children went on the ‘Singapore Icon Trail’ as the teacher flashed post cards of the new landmarks of Singapore.   They could not wait to shout out the names of these attractions and share their enjoyable experiences there.  Competently, the N2, K1 and K2 children worked in teams and played against one another to sequence the icon photos within the shortest time.  The sequence had to be the same as the one provided by the game master.  It did not seem that easy after all when they realised that the post cards looked similar.   The sharp and observant kids did an outstanding job.  Most important of all, the children had an indelible impression of the several icons of Singapore through this exciting and engaging activity.

This is easy.  We can match the colours of the Merlion.

This is easy. We can match the colours of the Merlion.

The young PG and N1 children also played a game, ‘Know Your Merlion Well’ where they had to match the different colours of the Merlion.  The audience could not help but cheer for them as they stared hard at the colour of the big Merlion card.  They understood the rules of the games very well and they were not shy to go for it!

An enormous kite was made to commemorate the theme, ‘One Singapore, One BAC Family’.   Every child chose their favourite Singapore icon and glued it onto a strip of red or white paper, together with his or her photo.  This home-made crafts then filled up the spaces on the kite.  The children were delighted to see their faces on the kite, aspiring to fly high in the sky.  What a way to represent the BAC family tree!  The kite is now pasted on the wall and shines with pride in the assembly hall.

Happy Birthday, Singapore! Cheers!

Happy Birthday, Singapore! Cheers!

The next item was the highlight of the celebration.  No birthday celebration is complete without a cake. ‘Happy Birthday to Singapore’, they sang merrily for Singapore’s 48th birthday, waved the Singapore flag with joy and gave their broadest smile to the BAC family photo shoot.

I'm almost done.  Just need to fix on the Singapore flag.

I'm almost done. Just need to fix on the Singapore flag.

What do the children love to watch in the National Day Parade? Of course,  the aerial flying past. How about making a helicopter and display it in your bedroom? The children loved their crafts tremendously. They coloured the helicopter to the best of their abilities, cut, attached the propeller and could not wait to tape the flag below their helicopter.

After all this sweat and effort shed for the nation’s birthday, the BAC kids learnt that they should always respect this multi-racial society of theirs. They should be thankful for the all-rounded education that Singapore has provided for them. There is, of course, no better place to live in. Great job kids and Happy Birthday Singapore!