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Posted on 23 August 2014 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Celebrations, Centre News

140807 Tan Kah KeeOur steadfast pioneers had made Singapore where it is today; the new generation will carry on the values and spirit that enabled our success.

To celebrate Singapore’s 49th Birthday, Blossom Discovery Centre made a special tribute to Mr Tan Kah Kee, Singapore’s pioneer entrepreneur and philanthropist. Believing strongly in the power of education to transform lives, Mr Tan Kah Kee donated all his wealth to build schools.

Mr Tan Kah Kee was born in 1874. At the age of 17, he came to Singapore from China Fujian Province to help in his father’s rice business. Later, he made his wealth through his rubber plantation. However, he lived a frugal life and donated most of his money to build schools in Singapore and China to provide affordable education for the masses.

Thanks to him, children from poor families were able to study in the schools he had founded and supported. Believing that girls should also receive education, he set up Chong Hok Girls’ School and Nan Chiao Girls School. The other schools are Chinese High School, Tao Nan School, Ai Tong School and Nanyang Normal School (南洋师范学院) – a teachers’ training school at Kim Yam Road.

10603314_752716004794356_4656729255766417850_nChildren from the K2 class gave an interesting narration on Mr Tan Kah Kee’s biography with pictures on power point slides. The audience were touched by his contribution to education and we rose and bowed to show our respects to the great and illustrious Mr Tan Kah Kee.

10574476_752717171460906_6618322211086799361_nNational Day celebration is never complete without a medley of national songs like Stand Up For Singapore, We are Singapore, One People One Nation One Singapore and more. The children and teachers indulged in the beautiful melodies, enjoying the singing and dancing together.

Finally, the celebration came to an end with a presentation of a National Flag Jelly which the children savoured enthusiastically after singing a birthday song dedicated to Singapore.

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