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Santa Comes to BAC

Posted on 15 January 2014 | Activities, Blossom Aspiration, Celebrations, Centre News

“We wish you a Merry Christmas … we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”…..  The BAC kids celebrated Christmas on the 24th December 2013.

Working as a team to tie the ribbon on the X'mas gift ...
Working as a team to tie the ribbon on the X’mas gift.

After the children made their Christmas wishes loud and clear, they were all ready to “Wrap it up with Love”.  The children of Kindergarten 1 and 2 challenged each other to wrap up a huge Christmas gift. The audience would decide which gift is the most beautiful. Not losing any minute, the two teams wrapped up the recycled cereal boxes, decorated it with ribbon and recycled art materials and wrote a little Christmas wish on the gift tag.

The audience cheered them on when the small hands worked together to make every attempt to handle the big wrapping paper. It was another challenging stunt to tie the ribbon round the gift successfully.

Do you remember the song “Oh X’mas Tree, Oh X’mas Tree”?  BAC kids are familiar with the song and they sure have a good idea how a Christmas tree looks.  Without further instructions from the teachers, the Kindergarten 1 children spun into action to decorate the Christmas tree model with cut-outs of Christmas motifs. They also enjoyed judging the best decorated Christmas tree by clapping loudly for the tree they liked.

Not so easy to have a 'Glidelicious' time with these 'paper skate'.

Not so easy to have a 'Glidelicious' time with these 'paper skates'.

Did someone say there is an ice-skating rink in BAC?  Yes, the children of Nursery 2 has such ‘Glidelicious’ time, taking turns to skate through the obstacle track with pretty decorated paper plates under their foot!  Carefully, they glided with the paper plates under their feet, avoiding the cone and passing on the ‘skates’ to the next person and go.  Phew! The audience held their breath when they watched the teams race each other to the finishing line.  It takes some motor skill to glide along with the paper plates.  Good job, children!

It's cold, it's snowballing, pass the snowball quickly ...

It's cold, it's snowballing, pass the snowball quickly!

The thrill of the Christmas celebration continued when Playgroup children ‘Watch out! It’s Snowballing!’ They passed a pink ball around in tune to the Christmas jingle and when the music stops, the child took a number from the box and performed the action such as blow a kiss, clap your hands and wave goodbye.

‘Santa, do you have a X’mas present for me?’ asked the Nursery 1 children as they walked around anxiously and dashed for a number paper plate when the music stops. The little ones listened carefully, looked at each other’s number paper plate and jumped for joy when the number on their paper plate matched the number called by the ‘Santa’.  How sweet! ‘Santa’ remembered to bring a gift for me.

Hugging away their Xmas gift wrapped with love

Hugging away their Xmas gifts wrapped with love.

The celebration ended with the gift exchange amongst the BAC children and prizes for the winners.   It was a day of fun and laughter for the BAC family!