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Staff Recognition – 2012



Best Staff Award went to Teacher Gweneal

The 2012 Best Staff Award was presented to Ms Gweneal Chen Wun-Yen of Blossom Educare Centre.

As the form teacher of K1 this year, Ms Gwen has put in her very best to ensure she teaches our Kindergarten to the best of her ability. She has without a doubt, helped the children tremendously in putting our Kindergarten 1 children on the right track. The K1 children have not only improved in their behaviour and discipline, they have also progressed remarkably in their academics.

Possessing a cheery and bubbly disposition, good work attitude and most importantly, a “always look on the bright side” attitude, Ms Gwen has shown many positive qualities of a form teacher: Patient, Accommodating, Determined, Zealous etc. Not only is the school satisfied with her classroom teaching and responsibilities, the parents of her form class also enjoys a high level of comfort, content and satisfaction in the services she provides as she regularly updates them of their children’s progress and development.

As a colleague, she never fails to bring laughter to the group as we sometimes lament about the children, parents and the work load. Never a day passes without hearing Ms Gwen’s contagious laughter and funny jokes.

We would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank Ms Gwen for her immeasurable dedication to the children of BEC, her uphill task in grooming our children and her dedication to the centre.


In conjunction with Blossom Edugroup’s 10th anniversary, we are pleased to present the 10 Years and 5 years Long Service Award to the following recipients:


10 Years Long Service Recipient: Deputy Principal of Blossom Edugroup, Ms Wendy Long

Aunty Nafisah

10 Years Long Service Recipient: Aunty Nafisah of Blossom Creative Centre

Aunty Foo1

5 Years Long Service Recipient: Aunty Foo Kwee of Blossom Creative Centre


5 Years Long Service Recipient: Teacher Anitha of Blossom Educare Centre

A hearty congrats and a big thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the children and Blossom Edugroup through the years!