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Teachers’ Day Celebration 2010 @ Berrykidz

Posted on 25 September 2010 | Activities, Blossom Berrykidz, Celebrations, Centre News
1,2,3,4..Hey Macarena!

1,2,3,4..Hey, Macarena!

At Blossom Berrykidz, Teachers’ Day is a day everyone looks forward to! Parents and children show their appreciation to the teachers through heart-felt thank-you cards, flowers, thoughtful gifts and cakes. Indeed, our teachers are truly loved and honoured for their commitment to nurturing young lives.

It was a day for the teachers to sit back and enjoy as Cervon  from the Kindergarten One and Zoey from the Kindergarten Two started the celebration by playing  a piece of music on the piano each. Next up, their Kindergarten One and Two friends put up a  surprise performance of “Goldilock and the Three Bears” and an impressive Macarena Dance for the teachers! All eyes were on the performing kids, as they shaked, rattled and rolled! Kudos for their efforts and outstanding entertaining performances.

Let'me see...I think Red suits you, Ms Kat.

Let me see...I think hot pink lips look great on you, Ms Kat!

What’s a celebration without fun and silly games, as the teachers let down their hair and enthusiastically participated in a line up of  hiliarious games.  As the teachers gamely went all out during the games, our children became an active and supportive audience, who cheered and spurred the teachers on!

To round up the celebration, our very own Berrykidz little make-up artistes showcased their talents and creativity jazzing up their teachers’ looks for the day. Boy, were they delighted to be given the opportunity to apply dazzling eye make-up and a touch of sparkle to the cheeks and lips of their favourite teachers!

A HUGE thank you again to all our parents for your kindness and generosity.