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Kids’ Olympics & Teachers’ Day Celebration

Posted on 17 October 2012 | Activities, Blossom Aspiration, Celebrations, Centre News
It's great to be the torch bearer

I'm proud to be a torch bearer!

Olympic season was a great opportunity for Blossom Aspiration kids to learn more about Olympic Games and be exposed to the world of competitive sports. Therefore, in conjunction with the London Olympic Games 2012, BAC held a ‘Kids Olympic Games’. After being introduced to the origin, history and significance of the Olympic Games, the children interlocked their arms and sang ‘It’s a Small World’,  like how the five Olympic rings interlock and unite.

With the Olympic theme song in the air, torch bearers led their fellow athletes as the first torch relay took place in the BAC assembly hall. Together, the five torch bearers “lit up” the large Olympic torches which burnt throughout the Games. Even the playgroup children experienced the thrill and pride of holding the torch up high! The Olympic Opening Ceremony was brought to ‘live’ at BAC as each child had a chance to witness and participate in this significant event as they role-played as a torch bearer, athlete and spectator.

Go, Go, Go, BAC Kids Cool, BAC Kids Number 1

Go, go, go! You can do it!

In class, the children were eager to make their very own torch during a Creative Expression lesson. But first, the children’s curiosity rose as the teachers showed videos of different sports played during the Olympics. They were fascinated by the various sports equipments, attire and facilities required. Some of the children also brought their favourite sports equipment for ‘Show & Tell’. There was so much they wanted to share with their friends. They even had a go at playing table tennis!

The children were also engaged in making their very own medals as they learnt about the ancient medal used in olden days – a wreath of olive branches, which was placed on the winner’s head. The importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork were introduced to the children. They had the opportunitiy to practise these qualities during game time!

Well Done, BAC Kids!

Way to go, kids!

The Olympic torch was lit and the games began as the K1 and K2 did their best in the telematches. Not to under estimate the young N1 children, as they took turns to roll, turn and control their hula loop on the ground very well. While the N2 children handled the slippery, water filled balloon and raced each other well. The PG children could roll the balls to knock down recycled bottles. Everyone cheered and clapped loudly, pushing them on. What an exciting day the kids had!

As part of the Teachers’ Day celebration, the children also watched their teachers participate in the games and cheered them on. Hip! Hip! Hooray! The playground was bustling with activity, cheers and laughter as the children learnt about teamwork and good sportsmanship while having a whale of time outdoors.

During the prize giving ceremony, the children stood with their heads high as they stepped forward to receive their individual medals from the teachers. The great event ended everyone singing ‘The More We Get Together’. Good job kids! You did us proud!