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Ushering the Year of the Golden Tiger ~ 迎接金虎年

Posted on 31 March 2010 | Activities, Blossom Educare, Celebrations, Centre News


The Golden Tiger Year has arrived!  Children and staff at Blossom Educare wishes all a “Happy and Prosperous New Year!” During this joyous celebration, all the children wore traditional colourful Chinese costumes while learning about the origins of the New Year, revising the different auspicious greetings, singing along to familiar New Year songs and tasting plenty of different and delicious festive goodies.

The party started with Ms Gao sharing the legend of “Nian”.  Children were also taught that the Chinese New Year tradition is a great way to reconcile; forgetting all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone. Lastly, the children put what they were taught into practice and greeted one another with auspicious greetings! The best part of the celebration was when we finally got down to enjoying a sumptuous steam-boat lunch! Yummy!

高老师为幼儿们介绍春联以及倒贴“福”字的意义。每逢过年人们都会把春联贴于门上,以增加节日的喜庆气氛。在贴春联的同时,人们在门上、墙壁上贴上大大小小的“福”字, 代表福气、福运的意思,寄托了人们对幸福生活的向往,对美好未来的祝愿。将“福”字倒过来贴,表示“福到我家”。高老师通过故事“年的传说”,向小朋友们讲解年的由来,以及人们如何点燃爆竹, 贴春联。

老师又教幼儿在新年里说的一些吉祥话,如:新年快乐、恭喜发财、大吉大利、万事如意、身体健康等这是高老师向大家介绍新年的食品,如:蛋卷, 年糕等。接着又向大家介绍新年常吃的火锅及它的配料,然后大家在一起吃火锅。瞧,小朋友们多开心啊!