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A Kite-Flying Day with our Blossom Families

A fun day as a big family

Finally the day came for our annual Family Day! Rise and shine to an early morning of kite making and kite flying activity.  Although it was cloudy,  it did not deter the organisers and participants from heading down to Marina Barrage for the event!

Kite making and designing in progress

Sheltered from the drizzle at the designated gathering site, the parents and children were all ready to do magic to their kites! Children and parents drew their favourite characters and pictures on their kites and beautified it further by colouring them. It was such a delight watching the families worked together as a team to put together their “master pieces”!

Unfortunately, the rain persisted and we had to cancel the kite flying activity at the Green Roof. But, that did not stop us from continuing with our programme as there were backup plans to keep everyone, especially the children occupied!

Look!!! We played games and flew our kites despite the wet weather!

The quick thinking teachers put on their thinking caps and came up with fun and enjoyable games for all participants.  The children and parents including the teachers had a hilarious good time despite the wet weather!

Now, how were we going to proceed with the kite flying competition in this wet weather?  Well, we had an indoor kite flying competition instead!  The rule was for 1 child and 1 parent to take turns to race with the kite until they reach the finishing line without dropping their kites. With all the cheering from the other children, parents and teachers, all the participating parent-child teams tried their best to be the first to cross the finishing line.

Prizes were finally awarded to the families with the best kite design and also the winner of the kite flying competition.

Thank you everyone for another memorable Blossom Family Day! Hip….Hip…Hurray!!!

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