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A ‘Scrumptious’ Learning and Sharing Day!

Staff Workshop Part 1It was a day of learning, fun and laughter as Blossom staff gathered for our first Staff Workshop in February 2014. It started off on a serious note where we came together to discuss new improvements made to our existing e-profiling portal. All eyes and ears were focused on our Group Principal, Mr Lim as he shared with the staff some of the new improvements that staff can look forward to.Staff Workshop Part 2

The focus on the first part of the workshop was introducing to all staff our newly developed Nurturing Learning Dispositions and the new e-profiling portal.  This year, we have added learning dispositions into our General Development component. The six learning disposition includes: Perseverance, Reflectiveness, Appreciation, Inventiveness, Sense of Wonder and Curiosity and Engagement. Throughout the session, teachers got a better understanding on why learning dispositions is important in  children’s learning, what each disposition means and how the different dispositions can be nurtured.

A hands-on session was also conducted by the various subject coordinators to help our teachers to have a clearer picture on how our new portal worked and time was also allocated for a Q & A session.

Staff Workshop Group PhotoFirst teachers then chefs! The fun part of the workshop came after lunch as the staff were transformed to ‘chefs for a day’ with a sandwich making competition. It’s no wonder people say preschool teachers are masters of all trades!  The staff were divided into groups consisting of 3 – 4 members to create a healthy, delicious, creative and visually delicious gourmet sandwich within an hour. Creativity and team work were the ingredients needed in this activity.

Aprons on and the staff were all set and ready to go! We had to keep in mind the judging criteria which include: Originality and Innovative, Presentation (Visual & Verbal) and Taste. At the end of the competition, all eyes were on the mouth-watering and sumptuous sandwich creations!

Indeed, it was a fun-filled learning journey for all the staff as we came together to share ideas for improvement, learn new things and get to know one another even better!

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