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Adventure Hunt @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

12991050_1176857818990944_3683504008498689482_nGood family relationship is always the core belief of Blossom Edugroup. Building on this belief, every year Blossom organises a Family Day outing for all our preschoolers and their family.

13007353_863462833799322_918582232030131391_nFor Family Day 2016, we went on an Adventure Hunt @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Every child was given a goodie bag with a specially curated Adventure Hunt Booklet and stationery. As they walked around the nature reserve, the children and their family looked for answers with the clues given in the booklet.

12993468_1176857362324323_4810941081887221461_nThrough these activities, children learnt about the importance of nature and its preservation. For example, one of the interesting facts that our children remembered was that when the cicadas stop making their incessant calls, it is an indication that it is going to rain. This new found knowledge made our pre-schoolers really preoccuppied as they listened attentively to the cicadas’ sound throughout the event, not wanting their adventure hunt to be dampened by any rain!

12987229_1176857338990992_1664943549401728430_nThe children were also given an Adventure Bag to collect interesting items along their walk. They were happily sharing and exchanging the things they had in the bags and naming the items based on their characteristics such as hairy leaf.

During the walk, we could observe children standing along the boardwalk and hunting for mudskippers, crabs & other living things in the mangroves. They would exclaim loudly and invite friends around them to witness their found “treasures” in the mangrove. Families also took the opportunity to interact with one another as their children found companionship in their classmates and schoolmates.

13001056_1176857165657676_5353303729443601587_nWe are thankful for the supportive families we have in Blossom Edugroup and seeing them enjoying the event including the picnic at the end of the hunt. If you have missed this year’s Family Day, do join in the fun on our next Family Day. We look forward to see you!

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