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Blossom Celebrates with a Touch of Kindness!

Posted on 17 October 2012 | Corporate, Events, Milestones, News

Mr Nandana Koh, Manager of Children Care & Project, Metta Welfare Association receiving the proceeds of the Charity Fun Fair from Blossom Edugroup Group Principal, Mr Lawrence Lim

Patience, as I paint a super cool spiderweb!

Being a part of the larger community, we at Blossom believe in giving back to the society. To imbue this value in our children, one of the best ways to help them develop into good citizens is by teaching them to be charitable. By helping to raise money for charity and caring for the less fortunate, children gain invaluable lessons such as compassion, empathy and kindness. It also provides the opportunity for our privileged children to be more aware of the world around them and appreciate the good things that they take for granted.

It is with this belief that in celebration of our 10th Anniversary, Blossom Edugroup decided to hold a Charity Fun Fair on 8 Sep 2012 at Metta School, with Metta Preschool as the beneficiary.

Blossom Edugroup staff was up bright and early to set up an array of mini stalls at Metta’s school sports hall that Saturday. There was a Manicure Stall for our little girls to have their nails painted, a Henna Art stall that allowed children to experience the Indian culture of drawing intricate patterns on their hands, a Calligraphy stall that introduces the Chinese culture and of course an accessories stall that showcased beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets for our mummies.

"Let's try catching that huge red fish!"

The variety of stalls did not end there, aunties and even parent volunteers manned stalls for clay and sand art, while otah, macaroni and cheese, bee hoon and chicken nuggets were just some of the yummy food everyone filled their tummies with at the fair!

Smile for the camera, ladies!

Big and little hands were busy at the Sand-Sation Stall and Face Painting Stall, with children and adults alike busying themselves with all the hands-on activities. At the Face Painting Stall, children walked away with a myraid of attractive and colourful creative designs on their arms and faces, butterflies, rainbows, birds just to name a few. At the games stalls, children were on a roll testing their fishing/bowling skills and sashayed their way at the limbo rock and beat the drum blindfolded game stall!

The Stomp Warriors stomping their way to the crowd's hearts!

Next up, Metta School had their very own talent showcase, the percussion group – ‘The Stomp Warriors’ entertained the crowd enthusiastically with a BIG Bang! All eyes were on them as they moved and grooved to their spectacular rhythms created with a collection of household equipment and actual percussion instruments!

It was indeed a heart-warming and fun filled day for both the adults and children. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to send a HUGE HUG AND THANK YOU to all children, parents, staff and partners for giving ever so generously and helping Blossom celebrate with a roaring success!