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Blossom Discovery’s ‘Graduates BBQ Nite’

Posted on 16 January 2013 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Centre News, Events

121221K2BBQ21 Dec 2012 marked another unforgettable experience for the graduates of Blossom Discovery. Before bidding farewell to our graduates, the centre organised a special BBQ Nite dedicated to them and their parents. This event created a great opportunity for the teachers to seize some precious time to mingle with the graduates and their parents.

The day started with the graduates organising themselves into respective teams to kick start the work involved in setting up the place and preparing the food.The kids had so much fun slicing th121221K2BBQ1e fruits and vegetable, skewering them with bamboo sticks and wrapping up sweet corns in foil. They also attempted to start up a fire for the BBQ whilst paying attention to the necessary safety precaution.

At the BBQ, everyone ate and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. A special thanks to Edel’s, Jia Ying’s, Ethan’s dad and parents of Cheng Yi for helping out that night. Many thanks to all parents who turned up for the event and contributed food and snacks. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so do enjoy the pictures on our facebook.

Here’s also wishing our graduates a smooth sailing journey in primary school and best wishes in their studies!

Click here to view Facebook album of the event.