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Blossom Edugroup Curriculum Briefing 2011

Look, the parents are so attentive!

Parents listened attentively as we explained our "Triple Track Syllabus".

Blossom Edugroup constantly engages in upgrading its teaching and learning curriculum in order to ensure that our children are provided with the most up-to-date pre-school curriculum. At the start of every academic year, we organise briefings for parents to highlight the salient features of our curriculum .

This year we conducted four individual centre curriculum briefings.  In addition to providing an overview of our curriculum, the main objectives of this year’s briefings were to share the two key curriculum focal points: Blossom’s ‘Triple Track Syllabus’, the  incorporation of different learning styles of children in the lesson design and reviewing the ‘Parent Partnership Programme’ which was introduced into the curriculum last year. Each briefing began with an overview of the curriculum presented by the Principal and the Supervisors. It provided an opportunity for the parents to familiarise themselves with the curriculum, as well as to have their queries answered.

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Now, let's take a look at some of the learning materials we use in class.

The  presentation by the Curriculum Specialist  highlighted the importance of taking into account the different learning abilities and learning styles of the children while planning each lesson. She detailed how Blossom has designed the ‘Triple Track Syllabus’ to cater to the different learning abilities of the children.  She also highlighted the teaching approaches and strategies in planning lessons to cater to the Visual, Auditory and Kineasthetic learning styles of children. This ensures that every child in Blossom  is able to derive the maximum benefit from the lessons.

Lastly, the principal ended the night by going through the results of our annual survey held in 2010 and sharing parents’ responses to the Parent Partnership Programme. It was heartening to note that majority of our parents welcomes the opportunities provided by the school to play a part in their child’s learning and finds the activities designed highly meaningful.