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Blossom Edugroup’s Curriculum Briefing 2012

Curriculum briefing photo

Parents listening with rapt attention to the unique features of Blossom

As per our usual practice, Blossom Edugroup’s annual curriculum briefings for parents were conducted this year in January.  To cater to our parents’ needs, three briefings were arranged, which were held in three of our centres. In addition to providing an overview of our curriculum to the parents, Blossom used this opportunity to highlight to them two of the recent enhancements to the curriculum, namely Thematic Play Box and Rubrics Review.

In our endeavour to create opportunities for purposeful play for the children, Thematic Play Boxes were introduced last year. Our children have enthusiastically welcomed the carefully chosen play materials, which are put together based on the themes or sub-themes in our Chinese Language and Thematic Learning subjects. These play materials are changed periodically in accordance with the themes or sub-themes in enhance and facilitate further learning through play.

Last year, Blossom’s curriculum team painstakingly went through the process of reviewing the entire set of rubrics that are used to assess our children’s learning, for all the subjects in our curriculum. The whole process took over two months, starting with the review of the rubrics and identification of those that needed amendments and culminating in the refinement of the same during the year end staff workshop.

The curriculum briefing provided a platform for the parents to air their queries and to provide their valuable feedback.  After listening to the salient features of our curriculum and browsing through the teaching and learning materials that we use, the parents left the briefing with a better understanding of Blossom’s curriculum and what their child is learning.