Blossom Edugroup’s Curriculum Briefing 2013

Curriculum Framework

Blossom Edugroup’s curriculum briefing was held on 19 Jan 2013.  Taking into account the convenience of the parents in all the five centres, it was held in a central location at the Jalan Besar Community Club. We were truly touched by parents who braved the heavy rain to attend the briefing.

An overview of the curriculum was presented to the participants, giving them information about the content covered, the unique features in the curriculum and the teaching and learning resources used for the delivery of the curriculum.

Blossom’s curriculum framework was unveiled to the parents on this occasion. The 433 Model – 4D3S3T which encompasses the 4 domains of development, the  3 styles of learning and the 3 tracks of learning was explained in detail to them.

Listening with rapt attention...

Listening with rapt attention...

The enhanced Moral and Character Education programme was also shared at the session. Parents were given information on how the moral values taught to the children will be shared with them through the parents notice board and emails, so that the families and the school can work together to instill these moral values in our children.

The curriculum briefing has proven to be an excellent platform for parents to have their queries about the curriculum answered in great detail and also to put forth their suggestions.