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Cupcakes Galore!

Posted on 30 June 2012 | Activities, Blossom Aspiration, Events

We can't absolutely wait to start baking!

Blossom Aspiration’s children embarked on a delicacy journey of baking and decorating their very own cupcakes at a workshop conducted by ‘Genius R Us’ on 14 of June 2012. The children couldn’t wait to get their hands on the baking equipment and ingredients to be ready to mix, stir and whip the batter into mouth-watering cupcakes of all sizes and colours!

Patience is needed while mixing the ingredients.

Each donning an apron, the children paid close attention and listened attentively to the baking instructions to ensure their cupcakes turn out perfect! They patiently took turns to weigh, scoop and mix the wet and dry ingredients into the mixing bowls, eagerly awaiting the end results of their hard work!

Despite the mess, the children thoroughly enjoyed the baking process as for majority of the children, it was their first experience baking. After the hard work, the final mixture was poured into the cupcake cups and placed onto the baking tray, all ready to be baked as all of us watched with anticipation, the rising dough!

Our very own creations!

See how we get our colourful fondant decorations ready for our cupcakes!

While waiting for the cupcakes to be baked, we were also given fondant to roll, knead and cut into desired shapes to decorate our cupcakes with gorgeous decorations such as dinosaurs, birds and cars. Such delight it was to take our time to decorate with fondant of all shapes, sizes and colours. Wide smiles were seen all around as the children showed off their final baked masterpieces to parents and teachers, whetting everybody’s appetites with the wonderful aroma of baked cupcakes!