Delicious Desserts for Dear Daddy!

Posted on 15 July 2010 | Activities, Blossom Creative, Centre News, Events, Parenting
All prepped and ready to take in instructions from the trainer to start baking!

All prepped and ready to take in instructions from the trainer to start baking!

To celebrate Father’s Day, Blossom Creative  collaborated with ‘Cookie Monzter’ to whip up a personal, baked from scratch themed surprise for daddies, titled “My Daddy’s Car!”  As research has shown that fathers play an important role in a child’s personal development and proactive fathers bring about a positive impact on a child’s success story in life, our school jumped at the opportunity to organise a parent-child activity and was delighted to invite the men of the houses to roll up their sleeves and join in the fun baking and decorating muffins with their little ones…

With flour and baking materials strewn all over the table tops, it was a messy but very productive baking day in school. Coupled with all the daddies who took time-off from work to give support to their little aspiring baking chefs, Blossom Creative transformed into a mini bakery churning out tantalising muffin after muffin! The most endearing part was watching the daddies put in their best effort in assisting their child/children perfect the art of baking!  

Many parents expressed their appreciation to the school for taking the initiative to plan this activity where busy daddies could spend quality time with their children out of their own homes and in the school, a home away from home. And needless to say, we teachers, together with the kids and daddies, all had a jolly good time baking and decorating the muffins together! A BIG hug to all parents who made time to participate in this activity with your precious lil’ ones!

Have a peek at our fabulous Father’s Day bake session!