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Germs Go Away!

Posted on 11 December 2010 | Activities, Blossom Educare, Centre News, Events

"Are my paws cleaned now?" Meow asked the children.

In November, the children were treated to a 30 minute skit organised by Health Promotion Board (HPB)  when the casts of ‘Germs Go Away’ came down to the centre to engage the children with a fun and entertaining skit on keeping oursevles clean.

The first act featured Meow, the cat who did not know how to wash her hands properly. The funny trio kept the children entertained by showing them the correct procedure for hand washing. Questions were then posed to the children about the correct way of washing their hands. All of them answered the questions enthusiastically.


"Let me teach you the proper way of washing your hands, Blue!" says Yellow.

The next act featured ‘Blue’ and ‘Yellow’. Blue and Yellow entertained the children with “wrong ways” of washing hands which created a little din among the children! To ensure that the children wash their hands properly, Blue and Yellow taught the children a catchy handwashing song that they can sing along to while washing their hands!

At the end of the skit, the children were each given a bottle of hand washing soap too! What a clever way of driving home the importance of hygiene!