Berrykidz Graduation Concert 2008

Posted on 30 January 2009 | Blossom Berrykidz, Events

GraduationThe Year End Concert held on 1 Dec 08 at the Auditorium of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital aims to bring out the capacity and potential of our children’s performing talents. The annual concert also imparts certain values and character traits such as sharing, cooperation and teamwork.

This year’s concert centers on the theme ‘Around the World’. The theme creates an opportunity for our children to understand and appreciate different cultures and practices through music and movement and dramatization.

Performance put by by our K2.

Performance put up by our K2.

The children’s active involvement in the planning and rehearsing process reinforces their identities with a particular item as compared to last year, which had more teachers’ involvement in the planning. From the start of October to the actual day of the concert, our children’s stamina, perseverance and sense of unity and teamwork were put to the test.

English and Chinese Performances put up by our K1!

English and Chinese Performances put up by our K1!

All in all, our children had a marvelous time and took home with them a wonderful experience of performing in front of an audience.


What some of our parents said about our concert:

Performance jointly put up by our N1 and N2.

Performance jointly put up by our N1 and N2.

Perlyn, mother of Jolin: “The costumes were colourful and well-designed. However most of the items involved the children dancing to the music. For the older kids, it would be good to stretch their capabilities to include more demanding but interesting shows like Kung-Fu moves, story telling, playing musical instruments to show parents how talented their children can be.”

Charlotte, mother of Seth: “It was well organized and all the kids put up an excellent performance! Thanks to your hard work, dedication and patience.”

Cesilia, mother of Zoey: “The items performed by the different levels (N1, N2, K1 & K2) were all very interesting. I enjoyed the concert a lot.”