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Educare Graduation Concert 2008

Posted on 2 January 2009 | Blossom Educare, Events

GraduatesMusic Appreciation22 Dec 08 is the first time we held our concert at the Auditorium of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. We hope that you had a great time watching our performances. We will like to take this opportunity to thank all the children and parents for their support and hard work. The K2 class of 2008 graduated with great pride as the smiles on their faces gave the teachers great satisfaction.

The children from Music Appreciation Course deserve a loud applause for their marvelous music pieces. The evening was filled with sweet and gentle music wafted through the auditorium.

The children of N1 performed a dance cum drama item. At a tender age of 3, their performance was filled with so much charisma and was the bubbliest of them all! Kudos to the little ones!

N1 Dance cum Drama

Have you seen a ballroom dance item before? Here it is. The K2 children performed such a beautiful dance to ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as they danced gracefully in each other’s arms. It was a soothing slow dance that captured many of ourhearts.

Ballroom Dance

The K1s displayed their talents in a Chinese drama. Their fluency in Mandarin was terrific, not feeling the least bit shy but proud to show case such an outstanding drama for us. The hours of hard work and practice finally paid off on the concert day. Well done, children!

Chinese Drama

A group of handsome princes and beautiful princesses from N2 performed a dance itemabout ‘Friendship’. Their costumes were eye-catching glittery and their performances stole the hearts of many parents indeed!

Prince and Princesses

Next was an upbeat and energetic dance performance by K1. They danced to the song ‘Friends Forever’ from Hi-5. The children were very enthusiastic to showcase their dance talents in front of an audience as they moved and grooved to the beat of the music!

Forever Friends

To end the concert, we sang ‘The More We Get Together’ for the finale. The children and the teachers joined hand- in-hand and sang the song with such joy and happiness, as we all bade farewell and goodnight.