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Graduation Concert 2014

29 Nov 2014 – It’s the happiest and most exciting day for the children and staff of Blossom Discovery Centre (BDC) and Blossom Educare Centre (BEC).  It’s Graduation Concert 2014! With the theme “Around the World in 80 Minutes”, the children enthusiastically presented their rehearsed performances showcasing music, movements and costumes from countries around the world.

This momentous occasion was commenced by Alesea and Ya Qi of BEC who are enrolled in the Music Appreciation Course.  They tickled the interest of the audience by showing their learned musicality through the electronic keyboard. After the sweet prelude, our beloved principal Mr Lawrence Lim, delivered his inspirational message. The highlight of his speech was the launch of Blossom Funville, an educational app developed specially with the children of Blossom Edugroup in mind. Next up, the children from the graduating class smartly queued up on stage to accept their graduation certificates with delight and pride.


Thereafter, the much-awaited class performances followed:  The K2 class of BEC performed a Waka- Waka dance showcasing the energy and lively spirit of Africans. Secondly, the K2 class of BDC danced to the tune of 中国娃, one of China’s best known songs. It was followed by groove and move like Americans by N1 class of BEC. After that, the N1 class of BDC did their very cute rendition of A Ram Sam Sam, an African song.  Another delightful Chinese dance entitled 青春舞曲 courtesy of N2 class of BEC followed. Then, an awesome Asian pageant of K1 class of BEC, heart-warming 阿里山的姑娘 of N2 class of BDC and the amazing 最炫民族风 of K2 class of BEC graced the concert stage. Last but definitely not the least, the combined K1 and K2 classes of BDC proved that it was really the “Best Day” of their life through their interpretation of a fearless Singapore army.


The concert was joyfully concluded with a song and dance number entitled  “Happy” by everyone. It was a blast! Indeed, it has been an exciting, memorable and fun event for everyone.

Congratulations to all the graduates and thank you for the unwavering support of all parents and family members of BDC and BEC.

Until next time …

Click HERE to view the Facebook album of this event.