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Learning about Road Safety this September Holiday

Posted on 14 October 2010 | Activities, Blossom Educare, Centre News, Events
"This is fun!"

"Weeee...this sure is fun!"

The children were off to the Road Safety Community Park this September for our holiday theme on ‘Road Safety’. In order to understand more about road safety, the children were introduced to road safety through story books and class discussions prior to the excursion.

At the venue, the children, parents and teachers were treated to a 10 minute video clip on road safety: the dos and the don’ts of road safety and traffic rules.  Finally, the moment the children have all been waiting for came – riding on the go-carts!

Blossom's Future Traffic Enforcers

Meet Blossom's future traffic enforcers!

The children patiently took turns to ride on the go-carts while the younger children had the opportunity to be pedestrians. Not only did the children had their go at the go karts, the parents and staff had their share of fun with the adult go karts too!

Wasting no time, the parents and staff hopped onto the adult go-carts and had a go peddling away! Children, parents and teachers were having a whale of a time going round and round the circuit! While having fun, the children were also reminded to observe road traffic rules and give way to their little pedestrain friends.

The wet weather could not dampen anyone’s spirits that day, as children and adults alike, walked away from the park, learning valuable lessons on road safety!