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Learning Together … Laughing Together: Blossom Edugroup’s Annual Staff Workshop


Blossom Creative Centre's staff boogied into the judges' hearts with their tambourines, egg shakers and retro moves!

Focusing on improving on our curriculum and the all round development of children is of utmost importance here at Blossom Edugroup. More than that, Blossom also aims to develop camaraderie and good relationships among all its staff spread out across 4 different branches.

It is with this in mind that a staff workshop is conducted for the staff annually, where we come together to share ideas for improvement, get to know each and every staff and work hand in hand to seek continual improvement for all our centres.

Part 1 of the workshop was held at Blossom Educare Centre where the staff maintained a positive atmosphere of continuous learning. Each teacher had the opportunity to share with the rest, one lesson they have carried out in the class including the songs, visual aids, games and learning materials used. After listening, the rest of us took turns to share our comments and give suggestions on great lesson ideas and suggested improvements. Sharing ideas with one another also encourages teachers to try out various teaching methods and learn to be confident in their very own lesson deliveries!

Part 2 of the workshop was fun, fun and more fun! Over the years, we have had a retreat, an ‘Amazing Race’ like competition and a barbecue. This year, the teachers let our hair down and sang our hearts out at a Karaoke session. All the centres prepared a song and dance number which included 1 group performance  and 1 solo item by a nominated budding talent! . Each
performance displayed creativity and immense unity among members of the group. Everyone had a blast watching their colleagues shed their usual proper and straight laced images into funky dancing and singing divas!

The highlight of the competition was the individual singing segment where each centre had their representatives strut their stuff. Miss Jin Xue from Blossom Educare and Teacher Susilawati from Blossom Creative Centre were no doubt, the shining stars of the day! The group prize was taken home by the staff of Blossom Creative Centre for their outrageous retro dance steps, led by lead singer, Teacher Susila as she belted out ‘Dancing Queen’ by Abba!

At the end of the day, everybody had loads of fun and totally agreed that it was good for the staff, teachers and the management to take time out to relax, laugh and bond with one another, in order to work cooperatively and get along harmoniously!