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Racial Harmony Day

Posted on 1 August 2014 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Centre News, Events

10574231_744234592309164_1232532315770827890_nBlossom Discovery Centre commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 21 July 2014. Teachers, parents and children were dressed in ethnic costumes when they came for the celebration.

An enacted video of the racial riot was screened to allow the children to take a glimpse at the racial riot in 1964 and understand the importance of racial harmony.


Teachers were dressed elegantly in the 4 ethnic costumes – Chinese Cheong Sam, Indian Sari, Malay Baju Kurung and the Eurasian lacy dress and they showcased the style and design of the ethnic costumes.

The children were excited and thrilled when food that represented the different ethnicities – roti prata, dim sum, devil’s curry, satay, ketupat and many more were introduced and they also got to play a game to match the food to the respective ethnicity. The children also had a taste of the different local cuisines and they simply loved them.


Another fun activity that the Kindergarten 2 children got to experience was to prepare a hot milk tea beverage called ‘The Tarik’ (literally “pull tea”). It was made from Lipton tea and condensed milk. The children put their skills to test while attempting to drag the long stream of tea almost above their heads without dripping on the floor was an amusing act to watch. All who watched them gave them a loud ‘tarik’ cheer and applauded them for their determined action.

During the olden days, children were always at outdoors playing with their friends of different races. They fostered deep ties and embraced the diversity of every race.

10570550_744235102309113_6633519761045343118_nThe games that were commonly played then were introduced to our children and to name a few of the traditional games, they are ‘Bola Tins’ – a Malay name for ball is aimed at a pyramid stack of empty cans to make it fall; ‘Capteh’ requires players to keep a feather shuttlecock suspended in the air; ‘Gasing’ is the traditional spinning top and ‘Zero Point’- crossing over a rubber rope that gets inched higher with each round from ankle, to knee, then waist, shoulder, ears and then over the head.


To inject fun into the games session, the children accumulated points for every successful attempt at each of the game booth and they then redeemed the points gained for prizes. Old school titbits like hawthorn flakes (山楂), Milk Candy (牛奶糖), Kuti Kuti, Rice Cracker, Ice Pops and the Eyeglass candy were up for grabs.

The Racial Harmony Day celebration has helped to promote inter-racial understanding among our children and it is important for them to learn to appreciate the different cultures and values we all share in Singapore. Thank you to all our teachers for their dedicated support in organising the activities and to our parents who have participated actively in making this celebration a successful one.

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