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A Different Kind of June!

Posted on 10 July 2012 | Activities, Blossom Educare, Centre News, Excursions

Look at the many control buttons, where do we even begin?

Blossom Educare brought our children to the Singapore Air Force Museum and McDonald’s Kitchen this June! First up, we arrived at the Singapore Air Force Museum and were greeted by a tour guide. Our first stop was at the state-of-the-art Theatrette that screened various multimedia productions aiming to increase the children’s awareness towards the RSAF and aviation in general. We also got to watch a short video clip on how different aircrafts are used in different situations.

After watching the short video clip, we were directed to another gallery at  level 2 where we were introduced to a short history of the development of the RSAF. They were greeted with a warm welcome soundscape and a history timeline that summarises the technology the RSAF acquired over the years since the times of the Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC). The timeline showcase displays miniature models that reflect past and present aircraft, weapon systems and radar inventory.


Waiting patiently for our happy meals after the kitchen tour!

There were exhibits of many aircraft controls for the children to have a go clicking and pressing at the Air Traffic Control (ATC) gallery too. Children feasted their eyes on aircraft armament and air defence artillery including the Bloodhound Missile, support equipment like practise targets, and even aircraft engines like the Rolls Royce Bristol Viper. The exhibits were so varied, we hardly had the time to have a look at all of them before having to move on to our next destination.

We took a bus ride to West Coast Park McDonald’s, our 2nd stop for an open doors kitchen tour! We had a look at what goes on in the kitchen of everybody’s favourite fast food restuarant and what goes into that juicy Big Mac and French Fries the world has come to love so much! Imagine all our excitement, as we were welcomed by the friendly staff of McDonalds!  As we excitedly made our way around the kitchen, the manager patiently explained various uses of the different machines used in food preparation, as well as the food, safety and hygiene procedures that Mcdonald’s carry out.

The most exciting part was when we were brought round the big cold storage room where all the uncooked food are kept. Brrrrrr!!! All of us shivered as we took a quick tour of the cold storage. To end this informative excursion, we were treated to a …… Happy Meal of course! Did you know that McDonald’s Happy Meals can be part of a well-balanced diet for kids and contain at least nine important nutrients that growing kids need, including calcium, iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals (according to the US Food and Drug Administration) depending on choices made? We rounded off our day with new knowledge of the Singapore Airforce museum, Mcdonald’s kitchen and a satisfying lunch!