Down by the River Early in the Morning

Posted on 30 March 2016 | Activities, Blossom Aspiration, Centre News, Excursions

It was never enough for the Blossom Aspiration Centre children after their last trip to the S.E.A aquarium. They sought to discover more sea creatures in different parts of water. They could hear the river calling and rushed to the wildlife park in River Safari.

Our children began their journey with the Mississippi River on 20 Mar 2015. They stood rooted to the ground with wide open eyes to check out the Paddlefish with unique, flattened snout. A key question in everyone’s mind as a few Paddlefish swam across the glass enclosure: “Is this really a fish?”

Wow! It’s so big!

Something huge and quiet caught their eyes when the children continued their way down to the Ganges River. The timing was just great! They could recognise the two creatures turning around, sweeping their long tails behind them and face the audience with calmness. Our children watched without fear and enjoyed every movements made by the Indian Gharial, the longest crocodilians. Nobody miss their distinctive boss, shaped like an earthenware pot, at the end of the snout. The audience stood there for a long while to wait for the crocodile to snap!

Our river explorer cannot bear to leave the crocodiles behind but they knew there are more amazing creatures ahead. Indeed, they were in for a treat when they encountered the giant freshwater stingray gliding freely in the Mekong River. The K1 and K2 children could identify and name the sea creature easily. Thumbs up!

Keeping quiet to visit the pandas.

Keeping quiet to visit the pandas.

The excited group kept surprisingly quiet as they approached the cool habitat of the giant panda, Jia Jia and Kai Kai. They did not want to frighten or wake them up when they were taking a nap among the bamboos. How considerate our children were. They just stood there to observe the black and white giant panda as they helped themselves to the abundant bamboo leaves. What a feast for the eyes!

Can you spot the sea creature over there?

Can you spot the sea creature over there?

It was time to take a bite to ease the rumbling stomach. Our children ate and munched the snacks while discussing eagerly about the interesting creatures they have visited. Then, the adventurous gang set off to explore the last section in River Safari. Have you seen water overflowing into the forest? Yes, our children just step into the aquarium for the Amazon Flooded Forest. They sat in front of the huge tank to spot the different creatures in the flood. The graceful, giant otter is a hot favourite among the children. They pointed at the friendly animals and followed them when they swam under the water.

All of them were sad to leave the river habitats. They wanted more and would definitely be coming back with their mums and dads on their next trip. The creatures of the major river habitats and the breath taking adventure is an experience that they will never forget.