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An Insect Mania September!

Posted on 28 September 2012 | Activities, Blossom Educare, Centre News, Excursions
"Do you like my butterfly brooch?"

What a pretty butterfly "brooch"!

It was insect mania during the September school holidays as the children and teachers of Blossom Educare thronged their way to the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom at Sentosa Island. This outdoor conservatory boasts more than 50 different species of gorgeous butterflies from rare and endangered to the more common varieties. Once there, we were greeted by the different species of butterflies as they fluttered their beautiful wings among us. A couple of butterflies even chose to land on a lucky few!

Walking around the park, the guide introduced the different butterfly species flying freely around us. The fun bit began when the guide called out a dare to the children, teachers and parents, to have a butterfly placed on their noses without flinching. To our surprise, several children, especially the older ones, took up the challenge! Wincing and wiping pespiration off  their noses, as butterflies were placed on their noses.  Cameras clicked away as everbody watched on in awe as the brave children smiled and posed with their new found friend!

"The stick insect is crawling up on me!"

Look at the stick insect staring back at me!

Entering the Insect Kingdom, all of us were greeted by an assortment of exotic insects displayed in a show case. The array of beetles, scorpions, stick insects, etc made some of us squirm but many of us were fascinated with the variety of insects that can be found on this Earth. Following that, we were given an educational talk on insect trivia as we learnt some uncommon facts about insects eg: Did you know that beetles can support and carry up to 850 times their own weight? As the guide introduced the various characteristics of some insects, he had a stick insect on his arm and challenged the little ones again! This time, let’s see who is brave enough to have a creepy crawly make its way up on their arms!

Our September excursion ended with a simple lunch of pizza, hotdog and fries at a nearby pizza outlet. Lunch conversation had the children raving about insects and exchanging information on what they’ve learnt and seen during the excursion. It was indeed an extraordinary experience for all of us to discover nature in the most amazing way!