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Outdoor Fun with Nature

Posted on 24 September 2011 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Centre News, Excursions
Oh Farm2

Rachael braves herself when called upon to place the plantlet on top of the culture board at the nursery greenhouse.

Blossom Discovery was all set to have an adventure on our very own home grown hydroponics farm and butterfly lodge at Oh Chin Huat Hydroponics Farm located at Yishun. The clear blue sky that morning brightened  up each of our spirits as we journeyed towards the farm. We started the day at the ‘Harvesting Centre’ where a farm guide led us to the trimming, weighting and packing of the fully grown vegetables before delivery to the supermarkets.

The children and teachers learnt that the farm grows six types of vegetables including Kangkong, Chye Sim and Xiao BaiChai as well as 10 different types of herbs such as Italian basil, mint, Italian parsley, thyme and Stevia. The best part of the farm tour was a visit to the Cold Room (4 to 8 degree Celcius) which resembles a walk-in giant refrigerator. he farm. Here, the farm produces are stored to keep them hydrated so that the vegetables stay fresh before delivery.

The farm tour ended with an outdoor classroom with a fascinating show and tell session conducted by our affable guide.  During the presentation, our children were encouraged to experiment with hydroponics at home using a cut up water bottle and some Kangkong seeds. The session wrapped up with a simple question and answer session. Those who answered the questions well had reasons to smile as they walked away with some healthy-looking potted plants!

Oh Farm3

"It's freezing! Let's stay together to keep our bodies warm!"

To end the eventful day, the children were introduced to butterflies  at the butterfly lodge. Our guide took us through the butterfly’s life cycle, from miniscule eggs deposited on host plants, to the caterpillars’ metamorphism, their pupation and finally their transformation into beautiful butterflies. The children were fascinated at the sight of an Autumn Leaf caterpillar crawling up the leaf of a potted plant whereas some eager enthusiasts stayed closely at it just to catch a better view.  A butterfly quiz had the children vying for plant prizes including some butterfly host plants.

Oh Farm4

"Look at the caterpillar crawling on the leaf!"

All of us, young and old had an exciting and fun-filled time exploring the beautiful butterflies up close and personal.  It was truly an interesting place worth visiting and an experiential learning venue for all of us! To top it off, the participants were each given  two packets of leafy Kangkong home accompanied with a folder of activity worksheets for the children to attempt the quizzes to reinforce what they’ve learnt at the farm back at their own homes!