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Playing in Nature at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Posted on 7 April 2014 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Centre News, Excursions

140319 Jacob Ballas1Playing outdoors is an essential part of a child’s life. It promotes opportunities for creativity, imagination, socialization, and learned behaviours. Research shows that outdoor play is beneficial for motor development, cardiovascular endurance, vision, cognition, vitamin D levels and mental health.

140319 Jacob Ballas3

The children of Blossom Discovery Centre went to visit Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens on 19 Mar 2014.  The Garden is a natural playscape that offers sensory stimulation and physical diversity which is critical for childhood experiences outdoors. Natural play-scapes require the use of all senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. It is this diversity of sensory experiences that initiates a more creative learning environment for children.

140319 Jacob Ballas11The children were in awe and their imaginations were running wild as they entered the garden.  They were like adventurers exploring a  jungle for the very first time. They went through a maze, walked through the woods, went over a hill, crossed a hanging bridge, climbed trees and dug sand.  After a long day of fun and laughter, we ended our journey with a picnic at the Eco Garden. The children enjoyed their hearty meals with a beautiful view of the lush greenery around and watching the swans by the lake.

140319 Jacob Ballas5Jacob Ballas Children’s Gardens is truly a nature lover’s paradise which nurtures children’s appreciation for nature and the environment through play and exploration. It was a magical experience the children will never forget.

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