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Saying Hello to Animals in March!

Posted on 10 May 2010 | Activities, Blossom Educare, Centre News, Excursions

Say Cheese! We are on our way to see the animals!

In conjuction with our March holiday theme ‘Animals’, our teachers, children and parents went off to the Singapore Zoological Garden for an educational trip.  Set in a rainforest environment, the zoo gave our children the opportunity to witness the wide variety of animals living at the Zoo.

These animals live in spacious and landscaped environments simulating that of their natural habitat. The zoo’s famous ‘open concept’ offers the children an experience to be close to and be inspired by the wonders of nature.

Melody stroking the little pony gently

Melody stroking the pony gently. A pony's hair feels really soft!

The children were taken through an educational program, ‘The Tamed Ones’, which was specially arranged to allow our children to enjoy intimate encounters with tamed animals.

The programme guide introduced  many special varieties of tamed animals, their names and characteristics to our children. Our children were eager and excited to have a close-up,  intimate encounter with a bunny and cuddly chinchilla.

What an experience for the children! For many, it was their first time coming up close and personal with these furry little creatures. What an eye-opening and exciting experience indeed! Further into the day at  the zoo, we took a tram to tour round the zoo before stopping over at “The Rainforest Kidzworld”. There, the children said hello to the ponies and falabellas and brave little ones stood forward to pet the beautiful creatures.

A day at the Zoo also gave us the chance to explore further about ‘Pets’, the different kinds of animals bred for pets. We even had the opportunity to pet some rabbits and guinea pigs. At the end of the day, the children reluctantly bade goodbye to the animals and headed back to school. It was indeed an enriching day at the Zoo for all young and old!