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Up, Up and Away!

Posted on 5 July 2012 | Blossom Aspiration, Centre News, Excursions

Hey! There goes an aeroplane taking off!

5 June 2012 was a much anticipated day for the children and teachers at Blossom Aspiration Centre as we were visiting Singapore Changi Airport. The weather was favourable as we set off on our excursion bus, filled with lots of songs and laughter.

Let's learn how to check-in at the airport.

Such fun it is to ride on an excursion bus!

Nearing the airport, the children observed the tall control tower in awe as we cruised by it. Upon reaching our destination, we proceeded to the check-in area where the children engaged in a short role-play to learn the process of checking in baggage and collection of boarding pass. It was also cool to be able to observe real passengers at the airport doing the same!

After role-playing, all of us took  a slow stroll towards the viewing gallery at Terminal 1. The children are used to seeing many cars at the car park, but their eyes grew wide with excitement to see huge aeroplanes parked neatly in a row. They exclaimed in glee as they watched planes land and take off.

From the viewing gallery in Terminal 1, we boarded the sky train and took a short trip through the three terminals and returned to Terminal 1 again, where the bus was waiting to bring us back to ‘school sweet school’.