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A Very Merry Christmas at Blossom

Posted on 13 January 2013 | Activities, Celebrations, Centre News, Excursions

On December 24, Blossom Berrykidz celebrated its Christmas Party cum Excursion. To kick start the day, we read a story that helped the children learn the importance of Christmas. We sang a few Christmas carols before playing some fun games. The Playgroup and N1 children played the all-time favourite Musical Chairs. The N2s played Candy Relay ...

The Art of Rangoli this Deepavali!

Posted on 2 December 2012 | Activities, Blossom Aspiration, Celebrations, Centre News

Deepavali, the Indian festival, is not just about glowing lights, crunchy murukus, and yummy sweets. It’s about erasing bad memories, cherishing good moments, sharing, forgiving and imparting happiness to all. The BAC family celebrated Deepavali with the celebration kicking off with an introduction to the purpose of the festival and how it is celebrated. The ...