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Posted on 8 July 2010 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Celebrations, Events

为了庆祝父亲节,培养亲情和增进家人之间的凝聚力,我校特地邀请蛋糕师傅来我校现场指导制作父亲节蛋糕。六月八日早晨,虽然天空下起了蒙蒙细雨,但一些家长还是兴高采烈地带着孩子们陆陆续续地来到学校。活动开始了,蛋糕师傅先跟大家讲解制作蛋糕的步骤,家长和孩子们都听得非常认真。 然后蛋糕师傅让家长和孩子们一起按照步骤来动手尝试制作蛋糕,大家都很积极地参与,和面、打蛋,搅拌......忙得不亦乐乎。蛋糕终于出炉了,家长和孩子们看着自己的劳动成果,开心地笑了。看起来真不错,尝一尝吧! 家长和孩子们品尝着自己亲自动手制作的蛋糕,个个脸上都露出了满意的笑容。在此活动中,通过家人一起合作,增进了他们之间的感情,非常有意义。我们期盼着下一次的亲情活动。

Imagination in the Sand! ~ Blossom’s Family Day 2010

Families of Blossom had a blast with the sun, sand and sea at East Coast Beach on our annual Family Day on 17 Apr 2010. Mostly, we got ourselves wet and dirty with SAND that morning! To start off, the organisers of 'Castles can Fly' gave the parents, children and teachers  a "crash course" on how to ...

Graduation Concert 2009 @ Educare

Posted on 18 January 2010 | Blossom Educare, Events

Our graduation concert for 2009 took place on the 5 Dec 2009. After months of preparation and practice it was time for our children to display their talents before an eager audience.  The teachers and children made their way to the K. K. Hospital auditorium with excitement and anticipation. The event was kicked off with an ...