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Posted on 26 September 2014 | Activities, Blossom Creative, Celebrations, Centre News

农历八月十五是传统的中秋佳节,也称“团圆节”。老师们早早就开始准备着迎接这令人期待的节日,幼儿们也忙着制作中秋节的手工灯笼。 瞧!大家制作的灯笼多漂亮啊!为我们幼儿园增添了不少节日的气氛。中秋节庆祝活动当晚,孩子们提着灯笼在父母的陪伴下高高兴兴地来到幼儿园。

Parenting Workshop ~ Helping My Kids to Deal With Conflicts

Teaching our children how to effectively solve conflicts is an important skill that can last a lifetime. Children engage in conflict for many reasons. For example, conflict may occur when children disagree about who won a race or when other children won't share their toys. When children cannot solve conflicts, their behaviour can escalate into ...