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Blossom Edugroup’s Curriculum Briefing 2012

As per our usual practice, Blossom Edugroup's annual curriculum briefings for parents were conducted this year in January.  To cater to our parents' needs, three briefings were arranged, which were held in three of our centres. In addition to providing an overview of our curriculum to the parents, Blossom used this opportunity to highlight to ...

Blossom’s Year End Staff Workshop

The main focus of Blossom’s second staff workshop of the year was to review the assessment rubrics being used in the children’s progress reports found in our e-profiling. The preparatory work began a couple of months prior to the workshop with the training for subject coordinators and the review of the entire set of rubrics ...


Posted on 31 October 2011 | Activities, Blossom Berrykidz, Centre News, Excursions

期盼已久的儿童节又到啦! 花萌百乐中心的小朋友们开心极了! 十月五号一大早,他们们就高高兴兴地来到了学校,因为今天老师要带大家一起去游乐场游玩,有些孩子的家长也来了。瞧,我们兴高采烈地出发啰!来到游乐场 ,小朋友们以百米冲刺的速度冲向游乐天地。有的去玩滑梯,有的去玩索道飞人,有的去打球,有的去骑车......啊,真是高兴极了! 欢乐的时光总是很短暂的,一上午的时间在小朋友们的嘻笑玩闹中不知不觉地溜走了,大家意犹未尽地离开了游乐场。明天小朋友们还要参加儿童节的庆祝活动呢! 在老师的带领下,小朋友们在一起猜谜语、玩游戏,进行拼图比赛和服装表演,别提多开心了!祝所有的小朋友们,儿童节快乐!天天快乐!