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Ushering the Year of the Golden Tiger ~ 迎接金虎年

Posted on 31 March 2010 | Activities, Blossom Educare, Celebrations, Centre News

The Golden Tiger Year has arrived!  Children and staff at Blossom Educare wishes all a "Happy and Prosperous New Year!" During this joyous celebration, all the children wore traditional colourful Chinese costumes while learning about the origins of the New Year, revising the different auspicious greetings, singing along to familiar New Year songs and tasting plenty ...

Graduation Concert 2009 @ Educare

Posted on 18 January 2010 | Blossom Educare, Events

Our graduation concert for 2009 took place on the 5 Dec 2009. After months of preparation and practice it was time for our children to display their talents before an eager audience.  The teachers and children made their way to the K. K. Hospital auditorium with excitement and anticipation. The event was kicked off with an ...

Christmas Celebration 2009 @ Educare

Posted on 3 January 2010 | Blossom Educare, Celebrations

We celebrated Christmas on 24 Dec 2009.  The children had a good time playing games, exchanging gifts and enjoying delicious food on this special day. It was an enjoyable party for both children and staff of Blossom Educare (BEC)! 花萌育幼中心在圣诞节十二月二十四日这天,全体师生举行了圣诞节庆祝活动。 圣诞节虽是基督徒庆祝耶稣基督诞生的纪念日,但在西方国家,圣诞节也是一个家庭团聚和喜庆的节日,为了让孩子们感受到幼儿园的温暖,开展这个受大家欢迎的圣诞庆祝活动。 “圣诞“这个节日对小朋友们充满了诱惑,风趣幽默的神话传说,慈祥可爱的圣诞老人和让人心动的礼物,丰盛的美食,这一切都让每个孩子无尽神往,就让我们尽情的欢度这个节日吧! 游戏 大班小朋友们正在玩障碍接力游戏,大家都用尽全力想要取得胜利,活动既激发了幼儿的运动潜力,而且非常富有娱乐性!很受小朋友们的欢迎。 交换礼物 小朋友们最期待的时刻到来了,就是把自己精心准备的礼物和好朋友交换,这样的活动幼儿很喜欢,既可以活跃节日气氛,又可以增进幼儿之间的友谊。大家快乐地分享着节日的快乐!