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Join us for Blossom’s Curriculum Briefing 2011

Posted on 9 January 2011 | Parenting

Constantly upgrading our centre's teaching and learning curriculum is an ongoing endeavour that Blossom engages in to ensure that our children are provided with the most up-to-date pre-school curriculum. At the start of every academic year, we organise curriculum briefings for parents. The main objectives of this year's briefing are to: provide an overview of Blossom's curriculum share the ...

Delicious Desserts for Dear Daddy!

Posted on 15 July 2010 | Activities, Blossom Creative, Centre News, Events, Parenting

To celebrate Father's Day, Blossom Creative  collaborated with 'Cookie Monzter' to whip up a personal, baked from scratch themed surprise for daddies, titled "My Daddy's Car!"  As research has shown that fathers play an important role in a child's personal development and proactive fathers bring about a positive impact on a child's success story in life, our school jumped at ...

‘Your Kids can Master their Money’ Parenting Workshop

Posted on 2 July 2010 | Parenting

How can you reduce the conflicts in your family over endless requests to buy things? How can you get your children interested in saving rather than only spending? Handling finances wisely is an important life skill your kids need to succeed. Instead of allowing advertisers and credit card companies to be the influencers on money matters ...