Bishan Centre

Blossom Genesis Centre, our Bishan branch focuses on providing quality childcare and early education for children in the Bishan, Marymount, Sin Ming, Toa Payoh and Braddell areas. We provide an immersive English and Chinese bilingual environment for children enrolled in our playgroup, nursery and kindergarten programmes, conducive for character building and acquiring competencies to be lifelong learners.

Address: 201 Bishan Street 23 #01-467
Singapore 570201
Telephone: +65 8256 7766

Bishan (NS17) – 800 m


Opp Blk 203 (53391): 13, 52, 54, 88, 162, 162M, 410, 410W

Blk 202 (53399): 13, 13A, 52, 54, 88, 162, 162M, 410, 410G


If you are coming by Bishan St 22 from Bishan Road, make the first right turn into Bishan St 23.  Turn right into the first right entrance into the HDB blocks.  Make 2 right bends and head into a mini round about.  You will find us on your left.  A convenient drop-off point.

If you are coming by Bishan St 22 from the Circle of Sin Ming Ave and Marymount Road, turn left into Bishan St 23 on the sixth left turn.  Turn right into the first right entrance into the HDB blocks.  Make 2 right bends and head into a mini round about.  You will find us on your left.  A convenient drop-off point.


Block 207A HDB Bishan (MSCP): 207A Bishan St. 23, Singapore 571207

Looking for quality childcare and preschool education?

Explore the programmes at our preschool in Bishan

Joyful Learning
Playgroup programme

For Ages: 18 months to 2 years old

Staff-Children Ratio: 1:6

Our playgroup programme is chiefly about purposeful play, where your child is introduced to various stimulus activities such as singing, play-along, storytime and focused listening.

Letterland characters are introduced to lay the foundation for phonics. Through the Kindermusik ABC Music & Me programme, children also enjoy music & movement activities while they develop pre-literacy and language skills.

Knowledge Building
Nursery programme

For Ages: 3 to 4 years old

Staff-Children Ratio: 1:9 (N1), 1:12 (N2)

Combining purposeful play with experiential learning, we expose children to more hands-on activities that involve sensory learning for more in-depth development. Your child will have more opportunities to grow his or her literacy and numeracy skills, creativity, as well as social and moral values.

School Readiness
Kindergarten programme

For Ages: 5 to 6 years old

Staff-Children Ratio: 1:15 (K1), 1:18 (K2)

At this stage, we help your child get ready for primary school education by emphasising more structured learning. We equip children with foundational skills such as sentence building, writing techniques, and basic computer literacy skills.

Furthermore, we ensure that children build their communication skills by giving them ample opportunities to interact with and collaborate with others, they learn how to communicate with people. We also provide early exposure to the traditional classroom experiences so they are well prepared for primary school.

Why choose us for a preschool and childcare in Bishan?

A Meticulously Crafted Holistic Programme

We go beyond core subjects to develop your child’s language literacy and numeracy skills.

Moreover, we also provide learning experiences through art, music and physical activities.

This is because our aim is to help children with the acquisition of general knowledge and life skills that will serve them both in and out of school.

Our focus on enrichment activities beyond the classroom, for instance, rounds out your child’s development by enhancing emotional, social, moral, physical and cognitive growth.

Multifaceted Teaching for Multiple Learning Styles

Not all children learn the same way. At Blossom, we try to account for that by using different activities in our programmes that match the three main learning styles.

Visual learners tend to respond best to visual aids, and written feedback and resources.

Auditory learners prefer to learn through narration, auditory feedback, sound effects, and the like.

Meanwhile, kinaesthetic learners learn by doing, so they prefer interactive activities and work-as-you-go resources.

We provide for all three in our methods. This offers children a chance to grasp ideas and knowledge in a way that suits their natural learning preferences.

Patented eProfiling Progress Report

Our patented eProfiling portal offers you the most comprehensive report of your child’s progress:

  • Portfolio – Provides a collection of your child’s development, capturing snapshots of their progress (photos and videos).
  • Rubric Assessment – Provides an in-depth description of your child’s ability in all their domains of development.
  • Comparative Benchmark – allows parents to understand the milestone development stages of children belonging to the same age group, thereby presenting useful insights that can be translated into your child’s areas of strengths and opportunities for further growth.


“Yi Xin was quite a character when she first joined, with all her crying and screaming. We’d like to thank all teachers and aunties who have helped in anyway or another, and especially for their patience with Yi Xin.”

Parent of Yi Xin

“You know you have hit a winner when your 2-year-old child runs into school on their first day and doesn’t look back. Even more so when she screams for 30 minutes on returning home, demanding to be taken back to school because she loves it so much.”

Parent of Akira

“My daughter enrolled in Blossom Glittering Campus when she was 18 months old. At first, I was worried about letting my daughter attend a local preschool in a foreign country and therefore I visited many preschools before making a decision.”

Parent of Haruka

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