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Blossom Funville – Our Very Own Preschool Educational App

Posted on 23 December 2014 | Corporate, Milestones, News

The much awaited “Blossom Funville” – our very own educational app is finally launched.

Back in 2013, it was becoming evident to us that young children are increasing accustomed to the use of mobile devices as a tool for play. Hence the Blossom curriculum team set out to search for relevant educational apps that can facilitate the learning of concepts that our children find difficult to grasp during their English and Mathematics lessons. Interesting, our research revealed that while there are millions of preschool apps found in App Store and Google Play, not many are directly related to helping children in understanding these difficult concepts.
EL-300x225After rounds of futile search, Blossom decided to embark on our maiden journey to develop our own app to fill this gap. Presenting our findings and idea to SPRING Singapore, we are pleased to receive their affirmation and support through a project grant under the Capability Development Scheme (Technology Innovation).

A deliberate decision was made at the early stage of development to design the app on tablet devices only. This is grounded on our belief that the larger screen size is more conducive for the eyesight of young children.
MA-300x225More than one and half years of working closely and manoeuvring through uncharted grounds with the developer, we are very excited to finally launch the app in December 2014.

“Blossom Funville” is released as a FREE app in order for all our children to have access to the app on any tablets and to play at any convenient time. At the same time, we are also enabling other children from across the world to benefit from such a game – our little way of giving back to the community!

So now, there is every reason to download “Blossom Funville” and share this app with as many of your friends as you wish.  HAVE FUN!

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