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Launch of Revamped Website

Posted on 1 May 2010 | Milestones

Our success at Blossom lies in our ability to constantly innovate, our relentless effort to create positive experience for our customers that is unique to Blossom, and our commitment to provide an all rounded developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets our children’s emotional, social, moral, cognitive and physical needs, and most important of all, instil in them a keen love for learning.

To better share these essential ingredients of a quality childcare and pre-school programme, and to provide regular and timely update of our services, our webmaster began work on the preliminary design in 2009 and has been working intensively over the last few months to create a revamped website that seeks to meet the above goals.Revamped Website

The revamped website was officially launched on 1 May 2010.

Apart from the standard informative pages about Blossom Edugroup accessible from page links found at the top navigation bar, the new site is designed to feature interesting teaching and learning activities that Blossom’s children are engaged in throughout the year.  Articles are categorised and tagged for easy search and retrieval.

Interactivity is achieved through the option of leaving a response for each of the online articles.  A host of other functionalities such as Entries (RSS), Comments (RSS), Related Posts and Keyword Search are included to enhance the surfing experience of the site.

We hope you will find our revamped website and its features interactive, exciting and easy to navigate.  If you have any comments or feedback, please share with us and our webmaster will be most happy to incorporate them in the next facelift.