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Opening of IROHA Kindergarten

Posted on 24 May 2014 | Corporate, Milestones, News

Iroha KindergartenBlossom is pleased to celebrate the opening of IROHA Kindergarten which started its first school term in Apr 2014. Iroha was conceptualised to provide Japanese children residing in Singapore with high quality Japanese and English bilingual education. The curriculum has been specially created to ensure bilingualism in speaking, reading and writing, thus preparing the children to enroll in a Japanese primary school, an international primary school or a local primary school. Children will be exposed to Japanese and English on a daily basis, thereby enabling them to acquire both languages simultaneously.

a0318155_15111795Iroha has entered into a strategic partnership with Blossom Edugroup Private Limited to adapt our English curriculum for their children. Blossom’s English curriculum has been used as a framework for their classes in Letterland phonics, Mathematics, Thematic Learning, Creative Expression, Life Skills and Physical Education.

In order to build a firm foundation of Japanese as the children’s native language, a variety of approaches have been employed including learning Hiragana, numbers, music and traditional Japanese folklore songs and plays. For the children to understand and appreciate the differences between living in Japan and Singapore, the experiences of the different seasons, the culture and customs of Japan are also shared with them.

At Iroha Kindergarten, children learn different themes each term, both in English and Japanese. The themes vary from topics that are familiar to their daily life such as family, friends and animals to the world, the environment and the universe. The purpose of this theme-based learning is not just to give them the opportunity to learn each theme in a comprehensive manner, but also to allow them to raise questions and to develop their personal opinions.

We strongly believe in Iroha’s mission in providing their children with high quality Japanese and English bilingual education and we are honoured to be their strategic partner.

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