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Patent Granted to e-Profiling

Posted on 15 April 2010 | Milestones

e-ProfilingIn March 2007, Blossom officially launched the e-Profiling portal ( with the main purpose of providing comprehensive feedback of our children’s development.

We set out to create a portal that is user friendly and believed that it is a unique approach that surpasses the coverage offered by other conventional progress reports.

We are pleased to announce that the e-Profiling portal has now been granted Singapore Patent P-No.: 146571 on 15 Apr 2010 by The Registrar of Patents, Singapore.

This patent ascertains that the e-Profiling portal is the first and only in the World to provide such a comprehensive feedback mechanism that encompasses rubric assessment, comparative benchmark and e-portfolio.

Being the inventor, the Singapore Patent grants the exclusive rights to Blossom as the only institution in Singapore permitted to provide such a progressive feedback methodology.

Understandably, we are very proud to be accorded the inventor status in developing and providing this progressive online assessment and evaluation model.  Our research in this area and other areas of educational development will continue and we hope to share more of such achievements and significant milestones in the near future.