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Blossom Chips in to Help Singaporeans Tide Over the Economic Downturn Part II

Posted on 15 January 2010 | News

WeAreOneLogoJPEGOn 26 Nov 2009, the teachers and Kindergarten children of Blossom Creative Centre’s were invited to attend the grand unveiling ceremony of the finished replica of the island to witness how they had a hand in contributing to the finished masterpiece.

Imagine our pride as we sat in the audience watching the unveiling ceremony and getting a piece of the action. We were also indeed pleased and privileged to be one of the first to admire the Singapore LEGO map which made it into the Singapore Book of Records for the largest Singapore map made of LEGO bricks, in terms of length and breadth!

The children were filled with excitement as they pointed out the City Hall, the Merlion, Sentosa and its cable cars, Singapore’s infamous ERP gantry and many more.

At the end of the event, all of us, young and old at Blossom Edugroup walked away with a sense of achievement, that we have contributed and made a difference in someone else’s life and learnt a lesson along the way, that is, ‘A single brick, like a single person, can only do so much, but together there is strength in numbers’ and ‘Every contribution counts, no matter how small it is’.